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"Sally Tomato. Is she the product of Artificial Intelligence? Is she a figment of some deranged scientists libidinously twisted mentation? Is she the 21st century uberfrau? Is she all of the above? Indeed she is, and more. Much more"
SP Clarke.

Sally Tomato occurs above an ever changing and rich musical backdrop created by backing instrumentalists Carlos Severe Marcelin and Eric Flint. The band utilizes textured guitars, sequencing, loops, various electronic gadgets, and a many drums to make it all happen, adding richness and depth to Sally's wild fluctuations between smoky chanteuse and childlike recitations. Her Pidgin is Eric and Carlos doing instrumental progressive rock with the occasional Sally cameo. Their multimedia bent brings with it at times a motley crew of other performers and volunteers. Sally Tomato looks at the world with a fresh set of eyes. "Even though we are born the same, over time we are not. We are cut and scarred and made into human art." Sally Tomato

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